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Customer Testimonials

From Denis D of Iowa, customer since 01/07
"Hello Dr. Spanier, I would like to thank you for the product. The work you and your staff put in to have it shipped out was wonderful. I got the medicine fast. A friend recomended for me to contact you and said that your company was amazing and I agree! Thank you again, Denis D."

From Steve B of OH, customer since 09/06
"First thank you very much for taking care of that damaged shipment, service I did not expect in this business. I am at this time very impressed with you and your organization! You have a loyal customer in me. Steve"

From Linda O. from OH, customer since 08/06
"Regarding shipment..."Great, this will be delivered FedEx tomorrow! Your company is much more accomdating than the other services! Thanks so much, Linda O."

From Linda V. of Arizona, customer since 06/06
"Thank you so much for you help with my order. I will continue doing business with your company. I love the fact that I can call and speak with the Doctor or the Pharmacist as well as customer service with any questions/concerns that I might have. Thanks again, Linda V."

From Brenda S. of Illinois, customer since 09/06
"Hi Mickey! I thank you for your troubles on my order. Everything was just fine....So thank you again for all of your trouble. There should be more people like you in customer service and or relations. Brenda S"

Lori S of Illinois, customer since 10/06
"...It has been a pleasure ordering from such a professional and caring company"

Rebecca L.
"As always, you put my mind at ease when it come to my orders. I really do appreciate it. You make me feel like a person and not a credit card #. I can't say thank you enough for remembering me on the phone this morning and being so quick to pull up my info. Not only do you have the answers to my questions, but you always follow through and can be counted on for GREAT customer service."

How can I return the consideration and excellent care that you always provide? Do you have a manager that you report to that I can email or call?

Please let me are always so wonderful and I would love to pay-it-forward!

Enjoy your day and thanks again."

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